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Monday, December 15, 2008


The Rally will be held at the Court House next to the Sacred Heart Church in Medford You will need to be there at 1:00 pm to help set up, the rally begins at 1:30pm. We will be selling T-shirts and putting up the 50 white crosses (that we will make ourselves) near the memorial. We will be making the crosses at the next meeting on January 15th, we will be painting so dress casually in older clothes. Please bring newspaper! Thank you so much!

The March will be held at in Grants Pass on Main Street, we will try to arrange for car-pooling. We will arrive at 12:30pm and the starting at 1:00pm, Dress Warm! This is a very serious event, we will be meeting with the Lady running it on the 7th of January at St. Anne’s Parish in Grants Pass; she really appreciates our help! We will be able to present our group to the St. Anne’s youth group that night as well; I encourage everyone to come! Thanks for your help! Please invite others you know to volunteer as well!

Send any questions you have to:

Friday, December 5, 2008


After the new Congress convenes in January, one of the priorities of the Democratic congressional leaders and the pro-abortion movement is the enactment of the so-called “Freedom of Choice Act” (FOCA).

FOCA is an extreme piece of legislation with serious ramifications:
FOCA will overturn the federal partial birth abortion ban as well as all state level bans
FOCA will overturn all state parental involvement laws
FOCA will overturn all state level waiting periods and informed consent laws
FOCA will overturn all federal and state level conscience clauses for medical staff, requiring all medical personal to participate in abortions
FOCA will require taxpayer subsidized abortions
FOCA will wipe out every pro-life, protective law, policy and rule; even laws passed by voters.
FOCA will enshrine abortion-on-demand for all nine months of pregnancy into federal law.
FOCA will make it illegal for any level of government, or for voters, to enact pro-life, protective laws

Please stand against this radical rewriting of federal, state and local laws.
Sign the petition to President-elect Obama and Oregon’s Congressional delegation asking them to oppose FOCA. Take action today and let your voice be heard!
For more info on the Freedom of Choice Act click here
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December Meeting

Well I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!
We will be meeting again this month.

When: The 3rd Thursday - 18th of December at 7:00pm - 8:00/ 8:30pm

Where: Sacred Heart Youth Room. (contact me for directions)

Why: We will be planning our Christmas donation volunteer work for Magdaline Home, Talking about the March for Life and Rally for Life coming up in January, signing up for who would like a T-shirt for the group, and will have discussion on issues and arguments of abortion along with discussion on growth of our group!

What to Bring: 1). Pro-Life 101 book, (if you dont have one yet and this is your first meeting you've attended I will have extra copies). 2). A friend!

I hope everyone can make it! We must be persistant if we want to make a difference! Don't hesitate to spread the word about our group! The bigger the better! Thank you and God Bless!