Pro-Life *Video of the Month*

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Welcome to Teens4Life!
Last year was just the beginning! Some of us attended Camp Joshua in the Spring last year all thanks to the scholarships kindly given to us by Jackson County Right to Life Group! (THANKS A MILLION!) It was a truly inspiring pro-life leadership program held in Salem Oregon for young adults and upper level high school students. We also We are now fully equipped and exploding with great new ideas and knowledge of how we can get active in the pro-life movement! If we learned anything at Camp Joshua it was how much one person can, easily, make a significant difference. It really doesn't take much!
This year Teens4Life will be putting a new spin on things! Our Focus will be ACTION in the pro-life movement! Something that was a great difficulty last year were scheduling and planning meetings. It was really hard for people to make it to the meetings and the downfall of that was we didn't have a good connection with everyone to let them know what's up. One of the good things about modern technology is that we can stay connected in many different ways, for example, THIS VERY BLOG you are reading! We also have phone, and email. Therefore, this year meeting will be limited to only as often as they are needed. Perhaps only once a month or even less. Meetings are great, but what we need right now is, whats that word?...oh yea, ACTION! Not having meetings doesn't mean we wont "meet" with each other or see each other as often, because we will!

What you need to do!- You are not obliged to come to or participate in all the activities the group is involved with. If you would please give us your contact information (phone and email) and the group will let you know of upcoming actions, of which you can choose either to, or not to get involved with.
(Oh and this is Mary talking, so really when I say "us," I mean myself, so no need to worry about who will be getting a hold of your info., I will keep it for group purposes only. Please send to my email address -, and feel free to ask me any questions you may have!)

Everyone is welcome to BE a part of this group, we welcome people of all ages to stand up with us for what is right, in fact that's exactly the point!! There will be specific things we will do that pertain only to the teen members of the group, such as camps and so on, but there will be so much to tell everyone about what we have planned for their participation as well! So please give me your information as well if you want updates from the group, and ALWAYS feel free to visit this blog for updates as well! (Though it may not be as inclusive).

TEENS OF THE GROUP: Please let me know if there is anything you want included on our blog! Any good ideas?-we'll post it!

Thanks for reading! Let's strap down, get set, and pray for a good year ahead!