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Monday, January 26, 2009

Rough DRAFT: Life Comes First

OK, so this is for the Oratory contest on February 12, 2009!
This is just a rough draft of my thoughts...tell mw what you think! :)

~Life Comes First~

I was so worried
The day God came to me
He told me that is was my turn
To open my eyes and finally see
He said He’d found a home on earth
That He hoped would be sufficient for my birth
He showed me who my mother would be
And from what I saw, she looked wonderful to me
Then He showed me my father
And I could see that He was bothered
But I was too excited
Just because God chose me to be invited
God knew what He wanted
And He knew I did too
And now He was going
To create me anew
There was only one thing left for me to do
And that was the to wait for the two of you
You and dad had to meet
Before I could stand on my own two feet
Six months passed and you two never met
I wanted him to meet you
Right that very moment
But instead he sat there
Reading with his donut
Then it happened
He ran into you
All the noise was deadened
And I knew my wish had come true
You two met and you married
The very same year
That’s when I was conceived
Then you, my mother, had shed a tear
As I watched from up above
He ran off with a girl
I should have listened to God
About the father that could make me hurl
He didn’t know at the time that he left
That you were with-child
And in some very deep debt
You cried every night
And all day you wept
You screamed out in fright
About me, the baby you still kept
And I in your womb
Could not comfort you
For my home was a tomb
And for you, there was nothing I could do
You sought for help from everywhere
But no one would listen
They didn’t ever care
So you went to that Clinic
Yes the one that said ABORTION
But I prayed and I prayed
That my worst option was ADOPTION
They lied and they lied
About me being nothing but matter
And then you just cried
Saying that you were getting fatter
They doctors, they said
That I might as well be dead
For I was a baby that was not wanted
And by that thought you were thoroughly haunted
They told you that I wasn’t a baby yet
And that killing me was your best bet
But you wouldn’t listen
And for that I was thankful
Your teardrops, they glistened
When you told them that you were prayerful
“This baby in me
Is a gift from God
If she wasn’t meant to be
He would not have said yes with a nod”
She walked out of that clinic
With an very humble heart
Ready to begin
With a brand new start
But from there things got worse
And she knew she had to change her course
So she got out the phone book
And she picked up a pen
She took a LONG look
At adoption clinics rated with a ten
She wanted the best for her daughter
So she kept looking
For a home with a father
And a mother with good cooking
Eight months had gone by
And she had found my new home
Oh how the time flies
With me still in this dome
I wanted out NOW
To open my eyes and see
She knew she’d scream OWW
But it was worth seeing me
When the day finally came
The doctors they hid me
My REAL mother was untamed
But the doctors said that’s how it should be
I opened my eyes
But all I could see
Were the unordinary ties
Of my new family
They brought me to my new house
And laid me in my new bed
And me not much larger than a mouse
Was kissed on the sweet head
Now I am all grown
Married to a man
With children of my own
Stuffed in a nice old van
Now I see how special
I was to you
I thank you for being my mother
Even though I never knew my REAL father
You were everything I asked for
And even WAY MORE
I have one last thing to say
To you for giving birth
I thank you for this day
And for choosing my life first

~Lindsay Marsh