Pro-Life *Video of the Month*

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Camp Joshua!!!!!

A pro-life camp called Camp Joshua is being held on March 22th-25th. This camp is highly recommended and encouraged for us all to attend. There are 10 scholarships in all, the cost is $15o dollars which covers room and bored at the camp and much more, the scholar ships cover up to $100!! The transportation is not going to be covered, but car-pooling is a possibility!The forms for application are due before the 27th of February! These forms include personal application which can be done online at ORTL (oregon right to life) website under Camp Joshua, along with two recommendation forms which can be printed from online at the ORTL website as well! If there are any questions please comment below and they will be answered!

Monday, February 2, 2009

February Meeting!

February Meeting will be:

Where: Sacred Heart Youth Room
When: February 19th 7:00pm-8:30pm
What: Discussion about: Fetal Developement and Upcoming Events!
Why: Because the unborn still need us!

Please Join us this month! The best place to start is with learning about who the unborn really are, this meeting will contain discussion on all stages of fetal development with models as a visual aid plus an activity to get you involved! Learn what you looked like at that stage in your life! You will be amazed at how wonderfully and beautifully you are made!

Also there will be a sign up sheet if you are interested in participating with more activities of the group! We look forward to seeing you!

A special note about this month: everyone, catholic, christian, morman, non-denominational etc... is invited to join us in prayer in the Sacred Heart Church before hand at 6:30pm! PLEASE COME! Your prayers make a difference!!