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Monday, August 11, 2008

People Should Know!

Right now, we are facing Elections. Many questions are being asked about who to vote for or who is going to make America a better place. We can't answer those questions, but we can help you find out if your heading in the right direction. Vote Pro-Life!

In their Own words, each canidate, Barack Obama and John McCain, stated what their opinions of Abortion were.

Barack Obama:

"I strongly disagree with today's Supreme Court ruling upholding the Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban. I am extremely concerned that this ruling will embolden state legislatures to enact further measures to restrict a woman's right to choose." (04/18/07)

"There will be people, many of goodwill, who do not share my view on the issue of choice. On this fundamental issue, I will not yield...the first thing I'd do as president is, is sign the Freedom of Choice Act." (Speaking to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund 07/17/07)

"Throughout my career, I've been a consistnet and strong supporter of reproductive justice, and have consistently had a 100% pro-choice rating with Planned Parenthood and NARAL Pro-Choice America." (Obama for President Press Release 01/22/08)

John McCain:

"I'm very happy about the decision to uphold the Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban given my position on Abortion. Partial birth is one of the most adious aspects of abortion." (Quote to Associated Press 04/18/07)

" The respect and cherishing of the right of the unborn is one of the fundamental principles of my party. And it's a deeply held, deeply held belief of mine." (Speaking on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris MAtthews 04/15/08)

" Whenever the value of one class of persons is not respected whether they are unborn, handicapped, and elderly; the dignity of all mankind is threatened...I understand how every child has a value which can never be calculated or cheapened. Every chile literally alters the course of human history. (Statement in commemoration of 35th Roe v. Wade anniversary 01/22/08)

Their Beliefs obviously differ greatly! Choose the right choice! Vote Pro-Life!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

God see's a gift.

Problem Solved??

God sees a gift.
You see a disease.
God grants new life.
“Nurse kill it please”
If she could speak,
What would she say?
If she could run,
She’d run away.
Kept inside,
Nowhere to hide.
Ripped apart,
A tiny heart.
A little brain,
That feels the pain.
A clenched fist.
Too small to resist.
Tossed in the trash,
She hands over the cash….
“Problem” solved??????

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Monday, August 4, 2008

First Meeting

Our First Meeting is coming up!
It will be held at my (Mary's) house (you know who I am just contact me if you have any questions~)

When: Saterday, August 16th

Time: 2:30-6:00pm.

What to bring: (optional) a snack or drink you'd like to share

What for????..... WELL.... At this meeting we will discuss what our group's purpous is along with the overall schedual (and ideas) of the group. We will also watch an amazing movie called : Come What May, which is a new (excellent) Pro-life film.

If you have anyone you think would be interested in our group please contact me and tell me who they are so I can possibly invite them along.

If you have trouble in the transportation area of actually coming to my house I'm sure their are people you can possibly car-pool with (again just contact me I am happy to be of assistance.. of course!.)

I hope you are all blessed with a wounderfull day!

Thank you! God Bless.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

An Unheard Call

Just a little baby
So small and petite
Waits with his mom
in the hospital seat.

“Where am I, I wonder
What do I look like?
Will my name be John..
Or will she call me Mike?

I can’t wait to see
what it’s like outside
It’s getting a little crowded,
In this place I ride.

I must be getting heavy,
I bet she cannot wait,
Maybe she’ll have me early…
hopefully I wont be late.

I’m getting so impatient…
I want to see the land,
Oh look here comes the doctor!”
The doctor takes her hand.

“What is he telling her?
I can’t quite make it out,
but mommy’s voice sounds scared,
so full of fear and doubt.

I hope she is okay,
I’ll comfort her before long,
I cant wait to meet her!
Now what could be going wrong?

Here comes all the nurses,
They are lying her in a bed,
I know this isn’t home,
what could the doctor have said?

Are those tears on her face?
I don’t like it here,
My mommy isn’t happy,
And I’m beginning to fear.

What… me, Fetus?
I don’t like that name,
I want my mom to name me,
but she seems too ashamed.

Mom I’ll be a good son,
I will make you smile,
just wait till you see me,
I’ll be there in a little while.

I’m so excited to see you,
I bet you’re beautiful and bright,
Because I’ve seen your face,
In my dreams each night.

Mommy, did that nurse call me tissue?
Don’t listen to them please.
Because you must know I’m here,
I’m not just some disease.

I have fingers like you do,
and a face I know you’ve seen,
The doctor showed me to you,
On that one black screen

What are all those tools for?
They better not hurt you,
For if they harm you one bit,
I’ll harm them too.

Ouch that hurt…
What’s happening to me?
Be very gentle,
I’m only a baby.

Mommy do something,
they are trying take my life,
why are you letting them
cut me with that knife.

What’s going on,
Your shaking,
At least its not your life,
These nurses are taking.


Mommy, I’m up higher now,
I see you down below,
I’m safe here but disappointed,
Because I loved you so.

I’m not alone here, don’t worry
There are other baby’s too,
they all are here for the same reason,
we all had moms like you.

Each day I see new faces,
all scratched up and torn,
these are all the faces,
Of the precious unborn.

God says he’s sorry,
that we never got to live,
and never had the chance,
to see what He tried to give.

Mother I am sorry,
That you were so mistaken,
The nurses all told lies,
And so my life was taken.

Some people down there know,
That abortion is wrong,
They are trying to stop it,
But they are taking too long.

They need more help you see,
Because they are so small,
Just like my friends and me,
You couldn’t hear our call.

written by: a teens 4 life member (Mary)

A Mother Mistaken..... Another Life Taken

She wonders if she'll ever feel the same
wishing she could erase this unquenchable guilt and shame.
"How could I have destroyed a gift so great?
Have forced upon such an innocent life,
such a horrible fate?
It seemed so simple and clearbut now I feel the pain of each piercing tear.
I've done the unspeakable; I’ve committed such a crime.
Now I'm left with regrets unbearable, I'll bare for all time.
I'd give anything to make things right,
knowing that it's too late I can't sleep at night.
They lied, it was a crime, I know that it had to be.
I cried, things weren’t fine; the murder of my baby was all I could see.
If some should say, that is wasn’t wrong.
For them I'll pray, for it was all along.
I do not blame others, for it was my choice.
But If only I could change yours, please hear my voice.
What they say is a tissue, resembles your face,
and has a beautiful future none can replace.
To take it away, like I did to my daughter.
Was not the right answer, it was man-slaughter.
She'd still be alive; she’d be here with me.
In my arms I'd hold my precious baby.
How can one say, that she is a tissue?
This way of thought is more than an issue.
What else should one look like in that stage of life?
This has become, an incredible strife.
If I had known or thought this way before,
I would have never walked into that clinic door.
When will this end? How could it have begun?
My conscience will never mend, I have nowhere to run.
This murder, this injustice, we must see that it's incorrect.
How could we treat Gods power with such disrespect?
The rights of the baby were sacrificed for my own.
The decision of her taken life was based on my convenience alone.
What sort of mother am I, to do such a thing?
The baby did no wrong, but I was wrong in everything.
They told me this “tissue” was not really alive.
But even microscopic cells live and survive.
Well this BABY has more than one cell!
I should have thought this through before, but instead I fell.
I was blinded by how MY life would be affected.
By lies, and deception my mind was infected.
Did it solve my problem? No, my life will never be the same.
But worst of all, the baby never had the chance of life, only a taste of pain.
A wrong can never be justified by another wrong. This is a fact.
The way we avoid this, is through the truth we extract.
Murder is murder, no matter the victim.
Only God can take a life, the choice belongs him.
It must stop. Before you make the choice I did, I’m begging you...DONT!
It wont make you feel better or solve your problems, it won’t, please believe me. IT WON’T!”

written by: a teens 4 life member.