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Monday, August 4, 2008

First Meeting

Our First Meeting is coming up!
It will be held at my (Mary's) house (you know who I am just contact me if you have any questions~)

When: Saterday, August 16th

Time: 2:30-6:00pm.

What to bring: (optional) a snack or drink you'd like to share

What for????..... WELL.... At this meeting we will discuss what our group's purpous is along with the overall schedual (and ideas) of the group. We will also watch an amazing movie called : Come What May, which is a new (excellent) Pro-life film.

If you have anyone you think would be interested in our group please contact me and tell me who they are so I can possibly invite them along.

If you have trouble in the transportation area of actually coming to my house I'm sure their are people you can possibly car-pool with (again just contact me I am happy to be of assistance.. of course!.)

I hope you are all blessed with a wounderfull day!

Thank you! God Bless.

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